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Dunroth Farm Resident Trainer Kelly McGinnis
Kelly McGinnis Resident Trainer

Internationally trained Grand Prix Dressage rider Kelly McGinnis brings his years of professional experience, rounding out the facilities many assets.

Kelly began riding in second grade, showing hunters and jumpers, then on to combined training before specializing in dressage. All of his career, and to this day, he relies on the tutelage of Dale Forbes whom always remains strides ahead of him.

At eighteen he went to Germany to train with the Olympic Gold Medalist Dr. Reiner Klimke. Following Klimke's death he began his work with the internationally renowned trainer Rudolf Zeilinger.

Kelly still puts in a Grand Prix test from time to time and shows at the lower levels as well when necessary.

It was once said that Kelly "can squeeze dressage out of just about anything." If it's the real deal horse training you a looking for, you have come to the right place.